Raunas centrs un PSRS vaditaja Nikitas Hruscova vizite

The Centre of Rauna and the visit of USSR leader Nikita Khrushchev

On 11 June 1959, Rauna and Rauna Parish Collective Farm “Sarkanais Oktobris” (Red October) were visited by the leader of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev (1894 – 1971) and the First Secretary of the governing party of the German Democratic Republic – Socialist Unity Party of Germany – Walter Ulbricht (1893 – 1973).

The exact purpose of the visit of the high officials is unknown, but a visit to the collective farm “Sarkanais Oktobris” (Red October) seems to be the most plausible version, since the collective farm demonstrated good results in the context of the republic and had strong tradition in the care for breed animals and in milk production. In 1957, the collective farm participated in the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Moscow, demonstrating the breed animals grown at the collective farm. Meanwhile Rauna village choir represented Soviet Latvia at the Decade of Latvian Literature and Art in Moscow in late 1955.

The stories of local residents show that they were most impressed by the preparations for the acceptance of high visitors. Facades of houses and fences were painted in Rauna and along the road from Riga to Rauna, new earth roads were filled, new motorways were built, as well as scaffolds were built around the ruins of the village to imitate the process of reconstruction. The premises of the hospital were renewed, fresh bed linens and pottery were issued o patients. Meanwhile the tables of the festive meal were filled with specialities brought from Riga, which were not available at local shops.

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