Otra pasaules kara krituso Padomju karaviru kapi

Cemetery of Soviet Soldiers, who Died during the World War II

The cemetery of Soviet army soldiers, who died during the World War II were created after the World War II from the funds of Rauna Parish collective farm “Sarkanais oktobris” (Red October). A total of 220 Soviet army soldiers, who died during the World War II in the battle for Sigulda. In 1944, no battles were fought in Rauna Parish, however, injured soldiers from the vicinity of Sigulda were brought here. The injured were stationed at Rauna School building, where a military hospital was equipped, as well as at the private houses of local residents and Rauna Hospital.

It is known that the monument that is present at the cemetery today is not the monument that was installed originally. According to the description of the monument that was drawn up in the 70s of the 20th century, it is known that the initially installed monument was smaller in terms of size and the following inscription was made on the monument in Latvian and Russian: “Glory to heroes, who died for our Soviet homeland”. There were 11 memorial plaques with the names of the deceased soldiers in the cemetery. The photographs made in the 70s of the 20th century demonstrate that the appearance of the monument was radically different from the monument that we can see today, however, it is not known exactly when the replacement of the monument took place.

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