Rauans pagasta nams

Rauna Parish House

The building in Vidzemes iela 2 was built as the Parish House of Rauna Castle and consecrated on 11 October 1875. It was built in accordance with the proposal and thanks to active involvement of Rauna Parish elder Jānis Blūme. At the moment of construction, this building was the first building of this type in Vidzeme and one of the first buildings in Latvia that was built as a Parish House. The building was built for the needs of Rauna parish management and contained premises that were suitable for different functions, as well as a large assembly or meeting hall with a stage. Rauna Parish administration, Parish court, premises and apartments for scriveners, couriers, etc. were situated in the building.

From the moment of the opening of the building to date, the building has been serving and still serves the needs of municipal administration. In the 20s – 30s of the 20th century, Rauna Parish Administration, Parish Court and Prison were situated at Rauna Parish House, during the Soviet period – Executive Council of Rauna Village, Rauna Library, Dormitories of Rauna eight-year boarding school and pre-school classes.

In around 2008, the reconstruction works of the facade of Rauna Parish Administration building were performed, which provided the building with its current appearance. From 2009 till 2021, the building housed Rauna Municipal Council and, since 2021 – Rauna Parish Administration of Smiltene Municipality.

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