Raunas pils tornis

Rauna Castle Tower

The tower of Rauna Castle ruins has preserved to date with a series of architectural elements thereof, which could seem interesting for the visitors of the tower. The tower was built after the construction of the external walls of the main block. The second and the third floors of the tower could be accessed through a intermediate passage built in the walls fo the tower. Tower window sites and window sizes were considerably transformed as time passed. Traces of interior finishing can be seen at one of the window openings – traces of multiple colour painting. The floors of the tower were heated with fireplaces, as evidenced by the chimney canals preserved in the walls. Initially, the ceiling of the tower was made in the shape of brick arches, it was later replaced with wooden ceiling. The premises themselves were also partitioned to be smaller. At several sites of the tower the evidence of arch construction is detectable, fragments of plastering can be seen on the walls. It is important to note that the wooden structures built in early 21st century do not reflect the initial levels of tower floors.

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