Raunas pasts

Rauna Post Office

The building in Cēsu iela 6 is Rauna Post Office. In June 1938, a devastating fire raged in the centre of Rauna, as a result of which the old Post Office and Communications Department building in Strads Pub burnt down. A new post office building was built within a year, however, the building was not completely finished, because World War II started. Initially, installation of a large clock was planned in the “tower” of the post office building, where currently a round window is present. The equipment of the indoors premises was also not completed. Apartments for the manager and employees of the post office were situated on the second floor of the post office building.

Work at the post office was organised as follows – operations hall was situated to the right from the entrance door, where payments were accepted, newspapers, envelopes were sold, packages and telegrams were accepted, while a telephone station was situated to the left, where telephone calls could be ordered to reach the addressee. After ordering of the call, the operator made the connection and said: “You will have a conversation!” Taking this specific nature of work into consideration, the telephone operators could as well listen to these conversations and some operators actually did that, receiving information on secret love affairs. In around 1967, 1968, an automatic telephone call centre was introduced at the Post Office and Communications Department.

A responsible communications technician, who supervised the particular section of telephone line, was working at each parish. If a damage on the line, telephone poles or wires occurred, the communications technicians had to reach the site of damage at any time of the day and under any conditions, just like emergency services.

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