Lauktehnika (Agricultural Equipment Station)

For more than 30 years Rauna Agricultural Equipment Station (Rauna Lauktehnika) has been the largest industrial enterprise of Rauna Parish – it was strong and productive. The area of Raunas Lauktehnika is established in the place, where the utility buildings of the Rauna Castle Manor were previously situated. Up to the 40s – 50s of the 20th century, two large parallel barns-warehouses were preserved in this place, with 1 ha large square between them.

Rauna Lauktehnika serviced 15 collective farms, 8 Soviet farms, Priekuļi Experimental and Breeding Station, Priekuļi Agricultural College, etc. The enterprise employed more than 400 people. The enterprise operated several production workshops: tractor repair workshop, a steel foundry, where rare details were produced, lathe repair workshop, diesel fuel equipment repair workshop, cable workshop, which was one of the workshops that made the highest profit, timber processing workshop, non-standard equipment production workshop, where equipment to individual order was produced.

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