Raunas Brivibas piemineklis

Rauna Freedom Monument

The beginnings of Rauna Freedom Monument can be traced back to 21 August 1929, when the head of the city of Cēsis and the head of the Cēsis district invited the most prominent public activists of Rauna Parish for a meeting, inviting them to honour the acquisition of freedom by building a monument in Rauna.

On 13 October 1929, a session was convened with the participation of representatives of various public organisations of Rauna and the Committee of the Monument to the Liberation of Rauna and the Surrounding Area was established.

The most complicated and time consuming task of the committee was the collection of funds required for the construction of the monument. Donations were collected, trade fairs, lotteries, festivals, theatre performances were organised, as well as personal invitations to different organisations were sent – asking them to donate larger sums of money.

A rock that would be suitable for the monument was found at a distance of approximately 4 km from the centre of Rauna, not far from Lorenči. Movement of the heavy rocks to Rauna was a difficult task. At the same time, the committee worked on the creation of the monument square. In spring 1932, the committee organised the planting of the memorial oak lane at the monument square. Each of the planted oaks served as a memorial tree for a member of Rauna parish, who died during the Latvian Freedom Battles. A bottle with the name and brief life history of the deceased soldier was buried under each of the planted oaks.

On 19 July 1932, a festive laying ceremony of the foundation stone of the monument was held. The foundations of the monument are laid approximately 10 feet deep, together with a solemnly signed deed, coins, newspapers and other items.

On 20 August 1933, the opening celebration of Rauna Freedom Monument took place. After the opening of the monument, it become one of the centres of the social and cultural life of Rauna and symbols of Rauna. All major festivals and events of Rauna Parish up to 1940 were organised at the Freedom Monument.

During the Soviet times Rauna Freedom Monument was preserved, only the inscription “God Bless Latvia!”, which had been present on the monument, was destroyed. During this time, no events were organised at the monument, the vicinity of the monument got covered with shrubs. Despite the fact that no events were organised at the monument, the monument can be seen in multiple photographs taken during the Soviet times. It can be explained by the fact that the stairs in the area of the monument square were frequently used for taking group photos.

Thanks to the activists of Rauna Group of the Popular Front of Latvia and the funds donated by residents, the monument was cleaned in spring 1989, the stairs in the vicinity of the monument were repaired and the historical inscription “God Bless Latvia!” was restored.

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