Raunas pils starpejas

Intermediate Passages of Rauna Castle

Sections of two intermediate passages have been preserved at Rauna Castle. Intermediate passages were built in the masonry of the castle to ensure mobility between the blocks of the castle or in the tower. These were passages between two walls, where one of the walls was the external wall and the other – the internal wall. One of the intermediate passages at Rauna Castle ruins is situated in the main tower of the castle and connects the first floor to the second floor. A section that led from the second floor to the third floor is also partially seen. The second preserved section of the intermediate passage is situated in the external wall of the south-east block and served to access the Southern building of the castle, as well as the third or defensive floor. Few intermediate passages have preserved at the castles of Latvia, because they rank among the most fragile structures in the masonry. Walls of the intermediate passages are comparatively thin, therefore, at the moment, when the castle loses its roof, the sections of intermediate passages are first to be destroyed.

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