Raunas Lauksaimniecibas biedribas nams

Rauna Agricultural Society House

The opening of the society house occurred on 1 and 2 January 1911 and it was consecrated by the pastor of Rauna congregation. The society contained premises for the needs of the society, Rauna Credit Union, as well as a buffet, society shop, and two event and assembly halls.

The idea of building a house for the needs of Rauna Agricultural Society first occurred well before 1911. During the meeting of society members on 26 November 1900, Rauna Agricultural Society decided to build a stately house in the centre of Rauna. Three representatives, who were commissioned to conduct negotiations on the purchase of land, perform the planning works of the construction and the required calculations, were elected. Rauna Credit Union has come to acknowledge the same need. On 27 November 1908, Rauna Agricultural Society succeeded in buying a 674.2 m2 large land plot in the very centre of Rauna for 1,300 rubes from Rauna Parish Authority, on condition that the Agricultural Society may legally use this land plot for trading, organising social events and perform the required construction works, but they are not entitled to sell the land plot.

During the Soviet years, Rauna Agricultural Society house became the Clubhouse of Rauna. The cultural life in Rauna was rich, parties, concerts, events, memorial evenings, lectures, exhibitions and other events were held here.

In the 80s of the 20th century, the issue of restoration of the Clubhouse of Rauna has become increasingly topical. The times changed and the clubhouse failed to see its restoration. In the early 90s of the 20th century, the clubhouse became the property of Rauna Parish Authority, which transferred the building for privatisation. The building became the property of Kalēji family, who equipped shops here.

Rauna Agricultural Society house or Rauna Clubhouse is one of the main and most expressive accents of the historical centre of Rauna.

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